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Digimon Kopya OC - Discordmon :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 2 5 Digimon OC - Canidmon :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 7 0
Kopya Mini-Event: Mintsalamon Vs. Litchmon
Ace was unsure of this training holding litchmon tightly as she looked at the mess that was left.
Shai didn't seem to mind when Leomon paired her with Ace instead she just shrugged and walked over to her. "Hi Ace. Guess it's you and me." She grinned. "Come on, we'll go spar in that part of the arena over there." She pointed to what looked like a soccer field.
"um alright..." Ace didn't look to happy.
Mint-salamon hopped along beside Shai as they walked to the soccer field.
"Alright. Have you ever done any sparing before?" Shai asked Ace.
"She hasn't" Litchmon answered
"Alright. So we both stand apart from each other and our digimon kind of fight… but not really trying to hurt anyone, just get the upper hand." Shai explained.
"And the tamer help by yelling out ideas or moves." Mint finished the explanation before hopping out on the field. Shai followed her out a little ways and then they both turned to face Ace and Litchmon.
"Ready?" Shai called to them.
Ace set Litchmon down and
:iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 1 6
Training Mishap: Pete and Hayden :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 3 3
Mini Event: Camping Nightmare - Shai
Shai stretched and gave a bit yawn as she come out of her tent. She had already eaten some granola and packed up her things, but still wasn't completely alert. Mint hopped out of the tent behind her also looking rather tired. The digimon walked over to a near by stump and curled up on top of it. Shai just stood there looking a bit out of it until she saw Thomas coming back from the lake. "Good morning." She greeted him, while rubbing her eyes.
"Morning Shai." He smiled. "Having a good week?" He had a tired smile as if he knew she would respond with terrible sleep, just like everyone else.
"It's been okay..." She sighed. "Had trouble sleeping at night tho, so it's kind of hard to enjoy the daily activities." she explained.
Mint who had been sleeping on top of the stump suddenly jolted awake. "Ahh!" she hopped off the log and looked back and forth as if waiting for an attack. After a moment she let out a sigh and blushed up at the others. "oh, Hi... I uhm... Hi guys." She forced a smile.
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How Dare You :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 0 0 Not Impressed :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 0 0 Nah-Nah-NahNah-Nah :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 0 0 Sleepy :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 0 0 Say What Now :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 0 0 Grinning :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 0 0 Happy :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 0 0
Digimon Kopya: Camping Nightmare - Unknown
    Under the cover of night a mysterious figure stood off in the distance watching the Digidestined's camp site. After a few moments a few of the tamers come stumbling out of their tents. Some just yawned sleepily but others looked more unsettled, as if they had been scared by something.
    "My plan is coming along nicely." They declared as a digimon with red glowing eyes come to stand beside them.
    "I'm glad to be of service, my lord." It stated. "Shall I continue."
    "Yes. I want all of them sleep deprived and unnerved by the time they get back to HQ." the mysterious figure chuckled evilly. "Make it so."
    "As you wish." The digimon stated then headed back toward the camp.
:iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 0 0
Mini-Event: Camping Nightmare - Hayden
Hayden and Kuro had just settled down for the night. He had joined the others around the camp fire so as not to seem too anti-social, but had spent most of his time during the day scanning the area. He thought he had caught a Kopya signal near bye but it had quickly vanished off his screen. He was thinking about it as he was trying to fall asleep. He couldn't shake the feeling that something was off, but couldn't put his finger on what.
Hayden opened his eyes and looked up into a dark sky. It was like night time except there were no stars; none at all. His sleeping bag and tent were gone and he cold feel the cold rocky ground underneath him. He pushed himself up on his elbows, a bit puzzled by his new surroundings. Taking a look around he took in the bleak rocky terrain. It was as if all the colors had been washed out and mixed together until everything was some shade of gray or brown.
As bits of data floated past like a black cloud of smoke and down into the valley, he
:iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 0 3
Adore / Adorable Icon :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 1 0 Digimon Kopya: Hayden and Kuro :iconnhprodigio:nhprodigio 1 7
Warning: Incoming Icon Spam!
I finished some more Emoticons and will be uploading them shortly.
So sorry ahead of time for emoticon spamming your inboxes guys ^^'
I just wanted to get them all up at one time so I can start using them.
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